More Moving Stories – The Day That Kept Coming

by Bella Rum


 the midst of VCU campus where Big Mac was diagnosed as dead

Yesterday was the day that kept coming. I was happy to crawl into bed last night.

The Home Inspection

The inspector found the cracked window ( his estimate: $200) and the broken fan in the guest bathroom (his estimate $200) that we left for him to find. His estimate on the window was dead on and we’ve already ordered the glass, but H went to Home Depot and bought the exact exhaust fan for $14. He will install it himself , a five-minute job.

The inspector missed the dripping faucet in the kitchen sink and the low rumble that follows a flush in the powder room toilet, which is an easy fix. H will probably repair it anyway. The inspector said that the water pressure was low in the master bath, and requested that a professional plumber take care of it (estimated cost: $300). H removed one of the water-saving filters in the faucet, and the water pressure immediately improved. We will tell them what we did, and they can accept it or not. They want a licensed electrician to cover the wires to the attic fan. Estimated cost: $75. H could do it in a few minutes, but he is not a licensed electrician. All things considered, not bad. We high-fived each other and felt smug.


The report stated (with photos to support) that fungi were found on a beam and some supports in the crawl space. $hi+! But wait. Estimated cost: $1000. Okay. Could have been worse. Much worse. We decide that we got a good price for the house. This may stink a little, but we’re grownups, and this is the cost of doing business. Besides, inspectors usually inflate the estimate. Shoot, it could be less, maybe $800.

Realtor Marlene said she would call her fungi guy. What? Don’t you have a fungi guy? Realtors have more sources than God. The fungi guy would call us back to set up a time for the estimate.  We had s list as long as your arm, so off we went to get window glass and exhaust fans and barrier cloth for the crawl space, and to look at refrigerators. We included lunch in there somewhere. Why not? We sat outside. The day was gorgeous. It was sunny and warm, and a slight breeze played with the leaves of the tree that provided dappled shade for us. By this time we were feeling celebratory. We decided it was all just fine. We had our new house, healthy grands and each other. Who could be more fortunate than us? Nobody, that’s who.

Getting a little tired of racing around town, ready to go home and regroup, we headed to the pharmacy for scripts and the grocery store for goat cheese and roasted peppers to go in omelets for dinner. We were almost at the pharmacy when it suddenly sounded like the car was running on railroad tracks, and the ride couldn’t have been more rough if it had been. I asked, “What the heck is that?” H said, “We have a flat tire.” I remembered that earlier something came flying, bouncing, flying, bouncing across the road. It rumbled and knocked around underneath the car and ricocheted off the tires. I had even said, “I hope that didn’t pierce one of the tires.” Frustrated, we pulled into a bank parking lot, found a shady spot, and H changed the tire. A bit of grumbling was heard before I put my earphones in an listened to my book.

We were at the pharmacy when Fungi Guy called. He was ten minutes from our house. We headed home. His estimate, and he assured us he was giving us a deal, was $2500. This morning, we’ll get a second estimate and a third tomorrow.

And so… The cost of doing business goes up. Everyone must get their share. It’s the way of the world. And honestly, remediation is absolutely necessary. We could never knowingly sell a house in this condition. I can only be grateful that it’s not in the house. That price tag could be $30,000 to $40,000.

So, we’re not high-fiving anymore, but we’re not addicted to Ativan yet either. There’s that.

I can’t help but wonder if this is related to the air conditioning backup a couple of years ago. Remember when we had to pull the floors up and treat for mold in the foyer and hall?

No fluffy omelets for dinner. Leftovers were in order and early to bed.

Does anyone know? Is Mars in retrograde?

Our second fungi estimator just left. His figure was $6,900, but he called his boss and got us a “special deal”of $6,200. I’m feeling better about Marlene’s fungi guy. Who knew fungi guys were such salesmen?

Today’s list: change appointment with cardio doc that’s two days before closing, call insurance company, cancel vacation that coincides with closing, replace exhaust fan, get new tire, call electrician, buy more goat cheese as yesterday’s goat cheese went missing (probably hiding somewhere in the car and will swell up and burst and stink until Armageddon).

I don’t even want to write it, but H is in the garage, and I just heard the automatic garage door opener refusing to work.