What are You Wearing to the Fungi Ball

by Bella Rum

lilac3  my lilac through the family room window

This fungi thing is getting to me. I’m worried. Until now, this move has gone smoothly, but that’s over. One of the estimators told us that we could be legally responsible long after the sale of the house. I did a search and it’s true. They strongly suggest that you keep all paperwork in case you end up in court. Is there anything on earth worse than litigation? Mold removal companies only offer a one-year warranty. We will try to get a commitment date from a certified company today. We will have to leave the house. The chemicals are very toxic. I would not want my husband or son to do that job.

We got a new tire yesterday. H will replace the little donut tire today.


H – I saved almost $200 this morning.

Bella – How?

H – I got the hotel to move our vacation to another date instead of keeping our deposit. That saved $140. Then I saved another $55 because the tire for your car was $199 at Firestone. I checked with Honda, and it was only $144.

Bella – I hate to burst your bubble, but that’s not “saving” money. We already paid the deposit. It was already gone money. Okay. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe that is kind of saving money, but… As for the tire, you did not save $55. You’re spending $144 that we wouldn’t have spent if that piece of metal hadn’t lodged itself in our tire. So to my way of thinking, you’re $4 in the hole.

H – Your way of thinking is wrong.

Bella – My way of thinking is realistic.

H – But wrong.

We recently changed our car insurance. A refund check arrived in the mail later in the day. It was for $144.