Panes and Pains

by Bella Rum

The electrician came yesterday and shoved the attic fan wires into a 3 inch box. It took about 3 minutes. He said it was the easiest job he ever had. H even had the ladder set up for him. The electrician shook his head at the inspector. There was no reason to pay a professional to do this job. You know there’s a minimum charge for these guys to walk through your door. It will be interesting to see what they charge. He said we’d get a bill in the mail. No doubt.

I got the days mixed up in the last post. I wrote that the next chemical treatment was on Friday, but it’s Thursday. We also close on our bridge loan on Thursday.

The auctioneers will be here tomorrow morning to take our furniture away. The glass business called to say that the glass for the broken window pane is in. So we’ll do that in the afternoon. We’ll drop the window frame off and go to lunch, and pick it up on the way home.

The kids are coming this weekend to celebrate the senior grand’s birthday. She turns nine tomorrow. I can hardly believe it. The passage of time is breathtaking. I’ll try to fit the grocery shopping in between the auctioneer and the window pane. Between the closing and the mold guys, Thursday will very busy. H is making meatloaf tonight. Between the eye of round from last night and the meatloaf tonight, we should have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow and Thursday. Yippee to that.

When we lived in Maryland, H worked in Baltimore for many years. We watched some of the coverage last night. It was frustrating and painful, and did I say frustrating? I guess watching meaningless and unnecessary violence is supposed to be frustrating. We’ve seen enough of it lately.

As I’m sure you’ve heard on the news, it was a challenge to get retailers to invest in that part of Baltimore. It’s hard to get businesses into certain parts of any large city. When you see the kind of destruction that took place last night, you can understand why. How many jobs did those businesses bring to that community? How long before they return? How long will it take to recover? If history is any indicator, it will be decades, if ever. And to think that all of this was done by a small percentage of the community, while the majority who did not participate will suffer for it.