One Bite at a Time

by Bella Rum


I packed two wardrobe boxes and two book boxes yesterday. I actually packed books in the book boxes this time; that’s a first. Most of them were cookbooks. I don’t have as many books as I once did. I can’t really read anymore, not a whole book. My eyes aren’t up for that. I get audible books now, and I’ve given most of my print books to Goodwill and the library.

I’m tired now and slightly anxious at times. It isn’t anything specific; it varies. It may be fungi today and the buyers’ loan tomorrow, but there’s usually something that’s worry-worthy each day. Maybe worry is a big word, maybe it’s only attention-getting, but there’s always something. I want to feel relaxed, like a cat who stretches out luxuriously, exposing her neck because she feels so safe. That won’t happen until this is over. There are so many balls in the air. If we blink, one will surely hit the ground.

I learned in our last move not to trust that anyone will do as they say they will do. It’s a valuable lesson. That’s not to say that no one can be taken at their word, but you never know for sure. You must stay on the ball. And the other thing to consider is that stuff happens. It just does. Sometimes people don’t lie, they simply can’t do what they said they would do.  Often you never know why, but they always have an excuse. It doesn’t matter how good the excuse is, it can still mess up about five other things that must be done. And some things are time sensitive. There is a deadline here. And you always see it approaching. And it’s all double trouble when you’re selling and buying at the same time. That said, most of the people we’ve dealt with have been reliable and courteous this time.

This morning, the auctioneers will not arrive when they said they would. They are now pushing into our appointment with the glass people. Can you believe we have an “appointment” with the glass people? That’s because they are busy people, and need to “block out the time” needed to put the window pane in the window frame. So as not to put anyone’s nose out of joint, we will call the glass people at 8:00 this morning and ask if we can bring the glass over early, leave it for them to install the glass at their convenience, and return when they finish. I’m sure that will be fine.

You understand what I’m saying. In the larger scheme of things, these are not huge problems. Not even close, but after weeks of not having a say about the way your day goes, it gets old. Even when you’re trying to accommodate people, things change, and you’re required to bend a little further. I’m ready for a break, but we’re only halfway there. So… “When in hell, keep going.” Churchill and I are of like minds in this respect. Of course, WWII was a much bigger Hell than my little move.  Still, I’m a nose to the grindstone sort of gal. When up to my behind in crocodiles, I cannot take a break.

But in some ways, I have paced myself. I know that I write here every day that I’ve packed something, and I have, but you must be thinking that I should have the entire house packed by now. Not so. I only do a few boxes a day. I could never pack an entire house (not one with this many years of accumulation) in only a few days like I did when we left MD. Those days are over. I don’t know how I did that. Oh, that’s right, I was younger.

H has been engrossed in his garage. That’s quite the job. All of this reminds me of that saying, How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. That’s great advice, but to eat an elephant one bite at a time, you must have the luxury of time. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for the luxury of time that we have for this move. It’s costing us, but I can not imagine being that brutal on myself again. It’s not doable these days.

This is a  “down and blue” post, but it is how I’m feeling this morning. This will all be over in less than a month.