Are You Kidding

by Bella Rum


We gave one of my son’s old metal Tonka trucks to the little boy across the street. My grandson has outgrown it. It was a huge crane. He was thrilled. We found a thank you note in our mailbox yesterday. His mother told H that he keeps saying, ” This is my favorite truck.”


We left the house early to take the cracked window to the window place. Then we had a number of errands. When it was time for the title company (where we are signing our bridge loan later today) to open, H called Malinda to make sure everything was on track. In the course of the conversation, Malinda asked him if he would call Debbie at the bank and tell her to call her because she had not received confirmation that the closing would take place today or any of the information that she needed. H told her that he would call her. I knew that Debbie would not be happy that Malinda had brought H into their little scrap.

H called Debbie and asked her if she would give Malinda a call. Debbie said, “I’ll have the loan department give her a call.” Read between the lines……Because the loan department is the party concerned… Not me!

We continued on with our errands. Then Debbie called H back and claimed that the loan department had sent Malinda several emails and she had not responded. Within a couple of minutes, Malinda called again. She claimed that she had never received any emails from them until she sent them an email and they replied to her email.

Are you following this silliness?

A little later, Malinda called again to say that she had received the closing package and that everything was set to go for 1:30 pm today.


H has a deep well of patience, and he never gets caught up in the details of who struck John. He cares more about the end result. I do not have this talent. I think the folks in the loan department were engaging in a little CYA, and maybe Debbie was, too. But who knows for sure? And H would say, “Who cares?”

The chemical people will administer the first round of chemicals at 8:30 this morning. We will have to leave the house. Then on to the title company to sign on the dotted line later today. Things are moving along.