Hurry Up and Wait

by Bella Rum

Mr. Fungi Guy was supposed to show up between 8:30 and 9:00 yesterday. So we took our showers early and decided what we would do for the next couple of hours, because we had to leave the house while he sprayed the chemicals. He was a no-show. We’ve learned not to wait for someone to show up. H called the company at 9:30. They acted baffled and said they would call him and find out where he was. Mr. Fungi Guy called a few minutes later and said that they had not told him 8:30 to 9:00. They had just told him to call us thirty minutes before his arrival. He would not be here until 11:00 am.

So we drove across town to get Moroccan red paint at Benjamin Moore’s, and olive oil at Sam Leonard’s. We’re painting the new kitchen red, too. I do love red. It doesn’t look so great on redheads so I use it other places.

We closed on the bridge loan in the afternoon. Everything is set to close on the new house on May 11. We have nothing pressing for today. So I’ll finally do some laundry and prepare for the kids to arrive. I’m not doing much. I bought the birthday cake and will pick it up this afternoon.

I’m missing Big Mac. This iPad keeps running down. That could be because I keep forgetting to charge it, but I see no need to order a new iMac until we move. No need to have one more thing to move, and I would prefer that we move it ourselves.

I can’t remember if I mentioned that the auctioneers took our furniture. The house is empty in places, but it’s fine. Most of the furniture belonged to H’s grandparents. I asked him if it bothered him. He said, “Not at all.” His head is already in the new house.