How Can it be Thursday

by Bella Rum

I can’t believe it’s Thursday. I woke thinking it was Wednesday. It should be Wednesday. Where did this week go? Every day was packed to the brim. I keep thinking things will slow down, but no.

We had yet another appraisal yesterday. This one was for the buyers. At least we didn’t have to leave the house, and the guy was nice. Fungi Guy comes again today. This is the preventative chemical. The last one was the killing chemical. All delightful chemicals but not for humans. Another guy will come soon to replace all the insulation. He may have to wait another week. I’m not sure.

H’s face is a mess. So awful and uncomfortable. Not painful but icky. The bandage inhibits breathing, and when his nose runs… well. He has a lot of stitches, both inside and out. His doctor is very good. I have no apprehension about the final outcome. His last mohs surgery was even more extensive, but she actually improved his nose. She’s an artist and so young…. and beautiful, not to say that it matters, but…

H dreamed that he carried me across the threshold at the new house. He didn’t say anything about back pain the next morning. Kind of sweet, though.

I dreamed that my friend got a new house, and her ex was there, too. I was cooking dinner for a crowd. The house was nice, but the oven was mounted so high that I couldn’t reach it. I decided to fry a few dozen crab cakes and sauté a huge pan of shrimp in butter and garlic. I’ve had similar dreams before. The details change, but the main ingredients remain the same. A huge group must be fed, but there are no groceries in the house, or the stove doesn’t work, or I can’t find the right pan, etc.

I managed to pack a couple of boxes yesterday, but it was an effort. I was coming off a sleepless night, and Tuesday was tiresome, too. I don’t know why the waiting room experience is so depleting, but that has always been my experience, and I do have a lot of experience at it.

H will make phone calls today, and take care of the cash transfer for the closing on Monday. There’s no heavy lifting required for that. I’ll continue packing. Chicken is for dinner. Yesterday, H took a roaster out of the freezer. I’m trying to use what we already have so we won’t have to move so much frozen food.

That’s what’s happening here in the cul-de-sac today. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something, but that’s the gist of it.