Still “Moving” Along

by Bella Rum

imageboxes in bedroom

We packed all day yesterday, and we’ve finally made some serious progress. Today is our personal deadline. Even though we don’t physically move until May 22, we close tomorrow. We’d like to get everything packed that we will not need to use between now and moving day because we don’t want to waste time packing after we close. We plan to spend the time between the closing and the move to paint a couple of rooms in the new house. So I’m not finished with paint brushes yet.

I cleaned out the medicine cabinets yesterday. You would not believe the crappies I found their. Half of it was long expired: Gas-X: expiration date – 02/98, Contac: expiration date 06/94, and one tiny, distorted, squeezed-within-an-inch-of-it’s-life tube of Neosporin Ophthalmic Ointment: expiration date 10/86. That last one was for my son. When he was a kid, he got conjunctivitis every time he turned around. Do you realize that I had to have moved that prescription at least two times over the last 29 years? I moved it to Maryland and back again in 2002, and then I kept it for another 13 years. There’s something wrong there. I decided that 29 years was enough.

H’s incision is healing, but this has been a tough one. It’s in an awkward place and he’s had difficulty eating, blowing his nose, etc. It’s been miserable for him, but I could tell that he was feeling much better yesterday. He was goofy and fun and in a generally better mood. He gets the stitches out on Tuesday. Thank goodness. Dressing this thing daily has been challenging. It’s so awkward, but you have to keep it coated in Vaseline and covered to keep the incision from crusting.

H did the wire transfer on Friday. I was glad to get all that money out of our account. It made me nervous. I had visions of some hacker absconding with all of our house money. What a nightmare. Speaking of nightmares. I dreamed that my entire family was at my house. The whole shebang. I’m not sure if they were living with me or not, but it was one big, noisy mess. Someone was lying on the porch floor and appeared dead, but I knew that he just couldn’t wake up. And my B-I-L had loaned us a video, but he charged us $500 for viewing it. I know that video charge was directly from my awake life. We’ve had to pay fo so many ridiculous little things over the past few weeks.

Things are moving along. Progress is happening. I can’t wait to start painting.

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers and all who have mothers. That pretty much covers everyone.

Now go clean out your medicine cabinet. I’m sure there’s someone out there who can beat my 29-year record.