#2 Closing

by Bella Rum

The closing went smoothly. It only took a few minutes because the bridge loan closed last week. We only had to sign two papers. We spent most of the time discussing H’s skin cancer surgery. Both the closing attorney, Fred, and our Realtor were very interested and had lots of questions. Marlene’s mother died from melanoma, and anyone could see that Fred was an outdoor guy. He was fair and sported a golden tan. He was partially bald on top, and it was obvious that he didn’t wear a hat. The top of his head was as tanned as his face. I’d say he was in his late fifties and Marlene is 63. H told them that he had an exceptional doctor, and they asked how to spell her name. 🙂

H has an appointment with her this afternoon to remove the stitches. His doctor’s nurse told me that most of their patients used to be older, but they are getting younger and younger because of the tanning beds. The conversation turned to sunscreens. She was African-American, and with a shake of her head and  a knowing smile said, “You guys used to use baby oil and iodine, didn’t you?” When I do my top ten list of things I’ve learned, “white people should stay out of the sun” will be on there.

By the way, the closing attorney is very charismatic. He’s cute, too, but I’d take charisma over looks any day of the week. Charisma will get you what you want faster than looks any day. We’ll see him again at the closing of this house.

The twins gave us a wreath for our new front door. We both drove to the closing because H wanted to move his first truckload of tools and other things from the garage, and I wanted to move a few delicate things in my car. H’s new garage is three feet wider and three feet longer than his present garage. This makes him inordinately happy. There are not a lot of rooms in the new house, and it is less square footage. It is interesting where the builder decided to put the square footage. The guest bedrooms are smallish and the master is a moderate size, but the family room, kitchen and master bath are large and open. The master bath is actually larger than the bathroom in this house, large enough for easy maneuvering in a wheelchair, not that I’m planning on that, but my experience with Dad made me mindful of such things. The other thing that we found in this house that we didn’t see in any of the other houses was a large shower. While the house isn’t large, they used the square footage wisely.

The horse pasture is buttery yellow with buttercups now. I love buttercups. I’ve had a love affair with them since I was a little girl. My grand parents lived next door to us, just a short walk through a path. My grandmother died when I was only one-year-old, but my grandfather, aunt and uncle lived in the small two-story farmhouse with a porch that faced the river. The yard was a carpet of buttercups this time of year. I didn’t know back then that some people considered them weeds. I thought it was the most beautiful yard I’d ever seen. Maybe I still do.

A couple of you have made note that I’ve blogged regularly through this experience. I thought I’d tell you how I managed to do that. As you may have guessed, my insomnia has been relentless over the past few weeks. I usually wake around 3:00 am and record the events of the previous day. After our last move, I thought I’d have some horror stories to tell, but the worst of it was the fungi and having to endure people wearing a path through my house.

The work of packing and preparing for the move hasn’t been so bad because we started early. I’m sure that moving day will get to me. As I look at all the boxes stacked halfway up the wall in this large bedroom, I wonder how they will even fit into our bedroom in the new house. It will be one big, huge, colossal mess, but that’s okay. Once everything has been deposited in the new house, the movers have left and H and I are alone, we will begin the process of reconstructing another home.