Up on the Roof

by Bella Rum

Yesterday, H rolled some paint on the ceiling. He noticed an area that had been painted with a slightly different color paint. Suspicious of (scary music here) water damage, he went up to the attic. It was like the Sahara Dessert up there: dry and hot.  He found the corresponding area, and raked back the insulation with a small rake. He found a water spot. It wasn’t too large, and there was no sign of mold. Mold wouldn’t dare to live in such an arid place. And the temperature was Arizona hot, but you can understand if we are gun-shy.

We remembered the first day we looked at the house. As Marlene put the key in the lockbox, she listed a few things that had been recently replaced on the house. Ridge cap was one of those things. Apparently a leak was associated with that, but it didn’t do much damage. Whew?

H took his ladder yesterday and painted the ceiling. We’re painting the living room and the dining room, which will be the office.They are the two largest rooms in the house. Things would have gone so much faster if we hadn’t noticed the water damage. After we noticed it, we knew we had to prime that area, and paint the entire ceiling. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have bothered because the rest of it looked good. Stuff happens.

The finale of Mad Men airs tomorrow night. We came late to the party. A few years ago, after hearing everyone talk about it for years, we finally binge watched the first four seasons, and then continued with regular viewing. We enjoyed it.

Spoiler alert!

It looks like Betty has terminal lung cancer. I wondered when someone would finally be diagnosed with cancer on that show. They all smoke like they’re getting paid for it.

I plan to line the kitchen shelves today and unpack some of the pots, pans, mugs, etc. Friday is the big day.