Rabbits and Groundhogs and Birds! Oh, my!

by Bella Rum

Yesterday was a very productive day. I put shelf paper in all the kitchen cabinets and drawers and unpacked most of the kitchen boxes. It will be great to have the kitchen in order before we move in. We’ve moved most of the food from the fridge as well as the pantry. I haven’t unpacked all the pantry. H wants to do that. He’s over the moon about the size of the pantry and that old freezer in the garage. He found the owner’s manual. It’s a 1964 model – over fifty-years-old. It will probably outlive us.

Tony returned yesterday to put the new insulation in the crawl space. He’s one of the fungi guys, but he didn’t spray the chemicals. Another guy did that. He removed the insulation. H asked him to put down the vapor barrier, too. The buyers requested it after the home inspection. When the house was built, they left some bare places. Tony agreed to do it for $75. This is something H would have done, but after the face surgery and all of those chemicals down there, I asked him not to do it. I can’t imagine doing that job, spraying toxic chemicals all day long. It cannot be good for you.

We’ve almost finished painting two rooms. H did the ceilings. What a job that was. We finished two coats of cutting in, and he rolled on a coat of color yesterday while I worked in the kitchen. He’ll do the last coat today. Hopefully. We have a couple of other things to do, but he’ll either finish or make a big dent in it. I plan to work on the bathroom and our bedroom closets today. It would be nice to have our personal things in place before all the chaos begins on Friday. Things are shaping up.

It’s so peaceful at the new house. A rabbit was waiting beside the driveway for H yesterday morning, and we saw a groundhog just over the fence in the pasture. The birds have found the feeders. There’s also a pond somewhere back there. I imagine we will see a variety of wildlife.

I have an appointment with my doctor this morning. If he had emotions, he would be pleased with my weight loss, but he is devoid of human emotions. It’s an odd situation. He cannot hold eye contact and sits at the computer with his back to me most of the time. Then he listens to my lungs and heart and squeezes my ankles to check for edema, never looking at me. He does say hello when he enters the room and goodby when he leaves. I guess that’s something.