… and the universe strikes back

by Bella Rum

I tried to be careful about how I worded the following sentences in the previous post.

“I believe we’ve made the right decision for this next phase of life. We both love the new place. It’s a peaceful place, and we love the nature that surrounds it.”

I didn’t want to sound too cocky, because I know how quickly the universe slaps back if you brag a little too much, get a little too comfortable, or feel a little to satisfied. No sooner than I wrote those words, we went to the new house and turned  the AC down. When it didn’t cool down in its usual five minutes, we figured it was taking longer because it was warmer last night. After a few more minutes, we knew something was wrong. Something was wrong alright. It wasn’t working…. AT ALL. We came back to this house to look for our warranty agreement that came with the house. We are not sure if the AC is covered. We think it is, but it’s written in such a way that we don’t know. H is on the phone with the insurers now. Update later. Fingers crossed.