Give Me an A. Give Me a C. Give me A/C.

by Bella Rum

Yesterday was a hot mess from beginning to end. I melted into bed at 8 o’clock. We worked in the heat all day. Exhausted, we finally left at 4 o’clock. We have become soft. How did we ever live without air conditioning? We never gave it a second thought back then.

We worked like Vikings yesterday. The painting is finished and looks great, our closets are mostly done and the kitchen is almost done.

So this is my horror story.

First Contact

Since we did not have the warranty information with us at the new house, we had to drive back to the old house. Relief. The warranty that came with the house did cover the air conditioner. One little problem. Our warranty company, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, had not received the check from our title company. Malinda claimed it had been sent. I was skeptical because of an earlier incident with Malinda, but I now believe her… maybe. After forty-five minutes of confusion and frustration, 2X10 Home Buyers Warranty realized/admitted that the check was probably somewhere in their system, and agreed to cover our A/C

The Way It Works

You cannot just call an HVAC company of your choice to service your A/C. The home warranty company contracts a group of HVAC companies to do the work for them. They give you the number of a company, and you wait a half hour before calling them… in sweat-producing heat. This gives the home warranty company time to contact the HVAC first, and it gives you time to build up a head of steam, a win/win. Then you call and make the appointment. It’s $100 deductible.

The Snag

We returned to a sweltering house to finish painting and unpacking some boxes. We waited the requested half hour before calling the local HVAC company. NO answer. We left a message and our number and waited a half hour before calling again. This time they answered, and we were told that there would be a 9-day wait. That was not acceptable. We move in on Friday. We called 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty back, and told them. They gave  us the number of another HVAC company, and asked us to wait another half hour (in the heat) before calling. Red-faced and sweating quart-size droplets, we soldiered on. After another half hour, H called the second HVAC company only to be told that there would be (you guessed it) a 9-day wait. Do you see a pattern here?

Wherein We are Beaten into Submission

Hot and severely irritated, H called 2X10 Home Buyers Warranty back and gave them his opinion of how they run  their company and some very helpful tips on how they could improve it. He then told them that he was going to call his own HVAC company. He then called the company we’ve been dealing with for years. They apologized, explaining that they were positively slammed and may not be able to get to us until Thursday, but would try very hard to fit us in today. We were thrilled. We had already planned to wrap things up in this house today and tomorrow. So we won’t be over there anyway. They will call before they arrive, and H will meet them over there.

In case you didn’t catch the name of the warranty company, it’s 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty. We were told that we could submit the bill and “maybe” they would pay. What do you think the chance of that is? Not a chance in Hell, which, by the way, is no hotter than my new house.

H checked the mail at the new house. Our first piece of mail was from the ever lovely and always thoughtful Comcast.