Gathering Loose Ends

by Bella Rum

I’m sitting in bed and listening to H snore. He is back to his usual powerful sleeping abilities. He had difficulty sleeping the last few days before the move. He said hie mind wouldn’t be quiet. He’s having no such problems now. I woke at 4:00 am. Whats new?

We are over the moon with the new house. The move went smoothly. The guys were great. They showed up at our house at 7:30, said their prayer in the foyer, and we were moved into the new house by 10:57. We settled up, signed the papers and they were all gone by 11:00 am. We were sitting in Panera Bread eating salads by noon. It was a little disorienting. Can you believe it? The moving company sent 7 of them to do the job. They were like ants crawling over a half-eaten apple: efficient, up for the task and fast.

The views out the back windows are spectacular. We sit at the table facing the pasture. Horses wander by. Like the train at the other house, they never get too close, they keep it just right. They are beautiful.

I haven’t hung a picture yet, only the red heart that my sister gave me years ago. It was on the pantry door in the other house, and it’s in the same place in this house. She had a habit of buying a “pretty” for me when we went shopping. I never seemed to notice when she bought it. When we left the gift shop or thrift store, she would drop it in my lap and say, “A pretty for you.”

We went over to the old house yesterday. I could not believe how much dirt was under the family room carpet. I swept the hardwoods and damp mopped them. What a mess. Seeds would have germinated in that stuff.

We didn’t accomplish a lot yesterday. Most of the day was spent with the Comcast guy. They promised us that we could keep the same phone number. Nope. We didn’t find out until he left. We had to call H’s cell phone with the new house phone to get the new number. He also did something screwy with the DVR, but it’s beyond my knowledge, interest or time constraints to explain. I do not blame installer, though. They got the order messed up. H thinks he can fix it.

I will spend half of today cleaning the other house while H moves the last few things from his garage. We also have some clothes, a bench and a couple of chairs that must go to Goodwill. We’ll finish it tomorrow. I’ll spend half of tomorrow doing whatever is left to do inside, and H will cut the grass and trim some shrubs. I refuse to kill myself by doing it all in one day. My days of rushing are over. Tomorrow, we’ll make our last trip to the dump with the yard debris and a few other things.. We’ve already discontinued the garbage pickup. Our last closing is on Thursday. It will be over. Then I can concentrate on this house.

We love it here.