Almost There

by Bella Rum

I won’t kid you. The last few days have been rough. I didn’t expect it. It took us three days to get our old house ready for the new buyers. I’m usually pretty good at judging how long it will take to complete a task. I knew it would take longer than one day, but I didn’t plan for three days.

Part of the problem is that I can no longer whizz through a job like that. We did it in half-day stretches, and came home in the afternoon. We did the first floor the first day, the second floor the second day, and the yard, porch and garage yesterday. We made two trips to the dump, one to Goodwill and one to Home Depot to return our unused boxes, bubble wrap, etc.

I didn’t realize there was so much left to do. It looks great now. Every corner is swept, every drawer cleaned and every windowsill dusted. It was nice to have the luxury of time to do it right. H mowed the grass yesterday and loaded the truck three times with things we had to discard. I worked on a few loose ends inside. Then I worked on the porch. I scrubbed the railings and bench, and washed down the deck, porch floor and steps.

When all was done, I ran up to Martin’s and bought a flower and card to leave on the kitchen island to welcome them to their new home. I hope they will be happy there, and never be plagued with the fungi  colony.

H just told me to come check out the horses. There were three big, red ones grazing at our back fence. Beautiful! I wish the three-year-old was here. She would have a fit.

I will finally get my hair cut today. It is long past time, and it’s gone gray. I look slightly demented, errant gray hairs springing about at will, and I know I’ve had a harried expression on my face recently. Last week I was at Kroger’s. I was wearing my painting clothes, spattered pants and all. While H was getting sliced London broil and fontina cheese from the deli for our lunch, I decided to try a sample. They always have samples of cheeses and crackers. As I reached for the cracker, I heard a woman’s voice at my shoulder. “May I help you?” I wasn’t sure of her tone. Later, I decided that it was possible that she thought I was homeless and getting my breakfast. I kind of was.

Our realtor called last night. We still haven’t heard from the title company, and of course, we should have called them, but we’ve been so busy. We still haven’t signed the deed and the new buyers close tomorrow. Malinda dropping the ball again? No big deal. I’m sure we’ll get it done sometime today. It would be nice if they gave us notice just one time, but it’s almost over.

We will check on the old house one more time this afternoon, just to make sure everything is perfect. This time we’ll leave our keys and the garage door openers on the kitchen counter, walk out the door and put a period to that part of our lives. My grands loved that house, but I think they will like it here, too. I always laugh when young couples on House Hunters say they’re looking for their “forever house.” In this mercurial world, we change houses like hermit crabs change shells. Few of us live in the same house throughout our lives. But I guess you could say that H and I have finally found our “forever house.” I will never do this again, not of my own free will.

The new buyers will do their walk-through at 6:30 tonight, sign their closing papers tomorrow, and it will be over.