Lettie Lets Us Down

by Bella Rum

We were supposed to sign the deed yesterday and turn over the keys. Lettie, a faceless and voiceless entity, was handling that end of things. Faceless because we’ve never met her and voiceless because she never once returned a phone call. We learned early in the day that there was a SNAFU with some paperwork that Lettie had not received. Not to worry, it would all be straightened out, and we would meet later in the day. Everything would still go off without a hitch. As the day grew old and we heard nothing, H made numerous phone calls and sent multiple emails, adding his phone number to all emails and leaving it in all voice messages. Nothing. She would not return our calls or emails.

We finally called Realtor Marlene. She said she would call her and get to the bottom of it. Lettie called about 5:00 pm. She babbled away about trying all day to reach us but couldn’t because she had the wrong number. This technique is known as BS or CYA. We’ve run across our fair share of it. She said she had received the proper papers, and she was working on “it.” What time would we like to meet the next day (today). We said 9:00 am, hoping that they would get the paperwork and signed deed to the buyers’ lawyer in time for their closing.

As soon as we finished talking to Lettie, Marlene called. When H told her that Lettie claimed that she did not have our number, Marlene said that Lettie had told her the same thing, and at the beginning of this adventure, she had sent Lettie the same contact sheet that she sent to everyone else. Marlene told her that if she had a problem she should have called her. When we got home, H checked his email, and there was a snarky email from Lettie.

I’ve tried to reach you all day. You need to contact me so we can set up a time to meet tomorrow.

Maybe we can bring this to a close today.