Show Me the Money

by Bella Rum

Yesterday was another irritating day. They’ve actually given me a rash. There’s a fine crop of tiny, itchy, red speckles on my neck. We were led to believe that the proceeds from the sale of our house would be dispersed and transferred yesterday. Our money has not shown up. The bridge loan has not been paid, and the proceeds have not been deposited in our account, but we’ve been assured that the funds have been dispersed. We called our realtor, and she was happy as a clam because she had received her check. I said, “How nice for you. I wish we could say the same.”

We called everyone concerned at the title company… several times. It got to be 3:30 pm, and the title company closes at 4:00. It was Friday and no one wanted to talk.  The elusive Lettie finally called, but only after Marlene contacted her. I’m sure Marlene told her that we would like an explanation.

The buyers’ lawyer is responsible for filing the deed and transferring the funds. Lettie said that the woman responsible for making the transfers was in a meeting (of course she was). Lettie was sure the money had been transferred, but she would try to get an email confirmation as soon as the woman resurfaced.

And pigs will fly.

Marlene told us the same thing. No email from her either.

It looks like they take care of the realtors first. They will get to us when it’s convenient. I hope.

We never heard if the buyers had closed successfully. We finally drove by the house. Cars were parked in front and in the garage. That’s how we found out.

I’m sure our money will show up, but it’s a pitiful way to do business.

I still love our new house, and I’m very glad we did this, but I’m also glad this is the last time.