Shelving It

by Bella Rum

I got a new Big Mac about a week ago. I’ve hardly used it. A little while ago, I woke in middle of the night and decided to write a post. I couldn’t get online. It wouldn’t accept my password. I knew I was using the correct password, but after the second try, I also knew that it was going to lock me out on the third try. It did.

It told me to go to on another device to change my password. I did, and I keyed in my ID and birth date, but it kept telling me that one of them was incorrect. I eventually tried a second method, and finally got it to promise to send the info to my email. But it didn’t. Because I’m slow, it took me another few minutes to figure out that it was sent to my “rescue” email (H’s email). To make this already long story less long, H had put my birth day in incorrectly when he registered it, but that still doesn’t answer the question, “Why was I locked out in the first place?” I did NOT use an incorrect password in the first place. Sigh.

That was boring. Right?

We are making progress around here. H finished all the shelves except in the pantry. He still has space to put two more – up high – for seldom used platters and appliances. I don’t know how the other two owners ever lived in this house without shelves. Maybe they didn’t have as much “stuff” as we do, or maybe they kept it all in the attic. I don’t want to do that because I want some of it in a climate controlled environment, but I mostly just want easy access to it. I don’t want to have to go up and down that pull-down ladder every time I want something.

H trimmed the shrubs and mowed the lawn yesterday, and a fellow came out to show him how to work the sprinkler system. We were told that it had been winterized, and we needed to get the company to come out to service it for summer. When H called, they told him that it had all been done. I guess the seller did it. Anyway, the fellow gave him some tips. It’s all good.

I fooled around with my new shelves. It looks like we won’t have to resort to putting too much in the attic. I have a bunch of those clear boxes, and they fit nicely on the shelves. I will label them when I find my labels, but it’s easy to see through them.



And NowIMG_9602

I know. It could be neater, but this is real life. He left a little space to the right for hanging a few things.

As I’ve probably mentioned, the Christmas trees are in the attic and the seasonal wreaths will go up there, too. There are a few other things that I probably should get rid of, but I just can’t. H’s mother’s depression glass, a few things that belonged to my mother, and some things that I will probably bring down when we get shelves. The kids will probably take it all to Goodwill when we die, not knowing the wheat from the chaff.

Speaking of Goodwill.

Yes, we have another load for them, and yet another for the dump. Can you believe it? We are really getting down to the bare bones, and it feels so good. I have a strong urge for simplifying everything in my life. I even got my hair cut pretty short the last time.

H is going to play golf today. It’s been ages since he played. We are finally coming up for air. We missed my nieces graduation party (soft crabs, shrimp and the whole shebang) on Saturday. I have this silly earache, sore throat and something is going on with that small muscle that runs across the top of your shoulder to your neck. It’s such a small thing, but it hurts oh-so-bad.

I have a bee in my bonnet about painting my front door. It’s black and I want a color. I haven’t decide what color. The house is brick so it has to compliment, not clash. No clashing allowed.