In My View

by Bella Rum

IMG_9543Opening the blinds in the morning is my favorite part of living in this house. There are double windows in the family room and triple windows in the kitchen, all facing the back of the house toward the pasture. I love it when it’s sunny or rainy or breezy. It’s often breezy here – probably because of the open pasture. The fronds on the ferns and the leaves on the tress are always gently swaying.

It is so beautiful here. The horses are usually out there in the morning when we open the blinds, and they come every afternoon. We also have lots of fireflies/lightning bugs here. There’s a big window at the table. When we eat, we watch them come out to light up the night.

We are enchanted, and I know that some of that enchantment is the discovery that comes with settling into a new house, a new environment. I know that some of the shine will eventually fall away, but even still, I know that we will love it here. I’m so glad we made the move.IMG_9547

Last night, we were talking about our last move and how horrific it was. We were well versed in the reality of buying and selling a house when we decided to make one last move. It seemed like it took forever. There were so few houses available that were right for us. And it didn’t help that this was going to be our last house so we were very picky. We began to think we would never find a place or have the guts to make the move if we did. H started leaning toward renovating that big house, but that would not have ameliorated the maintenance issues that went along with that house.

I remember the day we found this place. It was the first day that it was on the market. We were the first couple to see it. We left Marlene here, and talked about it all the way home. We called her only a few minutes after we got home and made an offer. Three or four couples had already asked to see it, but the seller accepted our offer, and the rest is history.

Not so fast.

You know how it is. These things can take a while. Not everyone moves at lightening speed. As I’ve mentioned before, the lady who owned it wanted an opportunity to discuss it with her son. He was at work. So we waited on pins and needles until the next day. Many things go through your mind between making an offer on a house and getting the counteroffer, but I remember telling H, “If this doesn’t happen, we’ll stop looking and build a bed and bath on the first floor.” He agreed. Then we got the answer. They accepted our price but did not want a contingency. We accepted, and the adventure began.

H had a great day golfing with my brother-in-law yesterday. He’s putting up the last two shelves in the pantry as I write this. I did good old traditional cleaning yesterday: toilets, laundry, cleaning windows, etc. That’s the first time I’ve really cleaned since we got here. I still haven’t vacuumed because the wire that’s supposed to connect to the beater bar on the vacuum is broken. H has to fix it. He’s a very busy man. The kids are coming this weekend. So tomorrow will be about planning menus, grocery shopping and such. This will be the first time they’ve seen the house.

I hope those kids who bought our house will love it as much as we love this one.