Painting and Rain and Heat and Futzing Around

by Bella Rum

IMG_9669Bedroom Window: The white crepe myrtle in the front yard is blooming.

We sold the living room sofa, but I kept those chairs. Chairs are versatile. It’s easy to fit them in a bedroom or office or nook. In the nineties, I found this pair in an antique store. They were in excellent condition, but the fabric was stained. I only paid $40 dollars for them, and I had them recovered. You usually see them in stripes because stripes complement their style, but my sofa was striped, so…

I used to love antiquing, but there came a time when I had enough furniture. I haven’t looked for furniture for many years, but now I need a couple of pieces for this place, pieces that can provide a little storage, like night stands. I also need a desk. So, antiquing is on my radar again, but not until we finish a few more things around here. I’m looking forward to it. Before we moved here, there were a couple of places nearby that I rummaged through occasionally just for the whiff of it, but I actually needed nothing. Now I do.

The kids were here over the weekend, and we celebrated the May and June birthdays. Mine was in May and theirs are in June. In addition to two birthdays in June, we also had two graduations this year. Two of my nieces graduated from high school. That makes four envelopes that have been garnished with crisp new bills from the bank.  I seem to buy fewer and fewer gifts these days. Cash is easier, and it’s what many young people prefer. I was slow in coming to this method of gift-giving because I prefer gifts. A little cash is so much easier, but not as thoughtful.

The kids gave me a bag of wonderful things: lotions and hand creams and such. My daughter-in-law is so thoughtful. She always picks out the most delightful things for me. We also celebrated Father’s Day because the kids will be with my DIL’s parents. They gave H a Fitbit. Last night, he got 100% on sleep efficiency. Is anyone surprised? I’m so happy for him (add drop of sarcasm here).

Did you see The Trumpster  yesterday? You gotta love it (add drop of sarcasm here).

We’re painting the kitchen red. No surprises there. I love a little red in the house. Thinking a change was needed, I almost went with another color. Photos coming soon.

We’ve had intense heat, and it’s brought several thunderstorms.IMG_9642 It’s only supposed to be 87º today. Finally, a break. You can see how green our grass is in the crepe myrtle photo at the top. Don’t be fooled. A lot of it is crab grass.