Before and After

by Bella Rum

A few posts earlier, I mentioned that we painted the kitchen. This is the second house that we’ve bought with builder-white walls. I wonder if the owners never felt the urge to paint. Maybe they liked white walls. Maybe they were too old or frail or busy to paint. The woman who lived in our last home was going through a lot of turmoil when we bought it, and the last thing she probably cared about was putting color on her walls. Fine with me. I’d rather start out with a blank slate than have to remove wallpaper or cover bold colors.

So we tackled the kitchen. It wasn’t too much of a job, and it feels more like us now; every picture we hang, every wall we paint, every piece of furniture we place makes it more like home.


Believe it or not, this dark gray-blue color is the primer.  The finished product will not result in the true color if this is not applied first. (Tip: always close your bathroom door before taking photos) IMG_9662


After one coat of primer and two coats of Moroccan-red from Benjamin Moore. The true color is a little more subdued than this… not quite so bright.


I started this post early this morning. I abandoned it for awhile in favor of trimming a few shrubs, and watering the flowers and shrubs that dare to brave this heat. I figure if they’re that tenacious, the least I can do is give them a drink. The poor hydrangeas are wilted at the end of the day. H mowed the back yard while I trimmed and swept the patio. He’s taken to mowing early in the morning, doing the front yard one day and the back the next. The heat and humidity are ferocious – not fit for outdoor work unless you’re looking for a stroke.

We’re going on a day trip today. We’re having friends over on Friday night, and I decided to serve barbecue instead of doing burgers on the grill (H took his grill to the dump and hasn’t replaced it yet). Our friends love barbecue. It will be a treat for them, and I won’t have to heat up the kitchen. I’ll make some sides in the morning. That will make it all easy and casual. So we’re going to make a barbecue run down to NC. It’s about an hour and a half. The temps will break 100 today, but the AC in my car works very well… she says. H can’t play golf in this weather, so today is the day for the BBQ run. Tomorrow, when it’s in the nineties, he will play golf.   (-“-) That’s a worried frown.

So, I’m having a barbecue sandwich for lunch. 🙂


P.S. My font suddenly changed. It’s even smaller. It changed in the middle of the last post. 😦