Finished Painting the Bedroom, Flaxseed Storage, Earthquake Clay

by Bella Rum

IMG_9741We finished painting our bedroom. You’ll find the paintbrush and leftover paint surrounded by a bowl of hardboiled eggs, a bottle of H’s fish oil and a bag of his flaxseed. Don’t pay any attention to the mayo and sour cream on the top shelf. Is there a reason he keeps the flaxseed in the fridge? You’ll find one of my faves on the bottom shelf beside the watermelon. It’s Marinated Vegetable Salad. It has a sweet and sour marinade, and it’s great to take to a party or family gathering. There’s plenty for everyone.

I just googled flaxseed storage. “The best way to store any type of seeds is in an airtight container in the refrigerator at a constant temperature.”Source

We have a red-tailed hawk. He’s taken to sitting on our fence and scanning the pasture for rodents with intensity and patience like I’ve never seen. I’ve decided that I don’t have the patience to be a hawk. He’s huge. H saw him in the bird bath yesterday. Poor little field mice. Ah, the cycle of life… and death.

I found earthquake clay – “Quakehold” – on Amazon for my pictures. It’s great for securing art or anything that hangs on walls. We’ve had two very mild earthquakes since we moved back from Maryland thirteen years ago, but that’s not why I use it. I use it to keep my pictures straight. You know how there’s always one that goes a little cattywampus. It drives me crazy, and my son knows this about me, so before they leave, he always tilts one of the pictures a little askew or leaves one striped pillow the opposite direction of the others or hangs one cup in a different direction than the others or turns the toilet paper upside down. I find these things during the week after they’ve gone. He’s a joy.

H dropped a bottle of white wine on the floor last night. The bottom came out of it, and wine flooded everywhere. There was SO much wine. We threw towels on it, and then I toss them in the washer. Paper towels would never have done the job. H mopped the floor. It needed it anyway, but what a waste.

Im  off to get my hair cut, and H is going golfing. We’ll hang the curtains in the bedroom this afternoon or tomorrow.