Biting Off More than You can Chew

by Bella Rum

We had an ambitious list yesterday, but we only checked off about half of the things on it. We went to the dump and dumped a truckload of tree limbs and a few other things. We also went to two grocery stores and our favorite farmer’s market. It’s only five minutes from us now. We had the most delicious corn on the cob last night that I’ve ever tasted. I wish you could all have your own ear right this minute.

We love this area. All of our favorite stores and doctors and such are only a few minutes from our house. If it wasn’t for the grands, we would have considered moving to the beach. I’m glad we stayed here.

H’s Fitbit says that he walked 19,200 steps one day this week. That’s my man! He loves that thing.

I do not want a Fitbit. I do not want anything that tells me how lazy I am. I like my birthday gift much better: lots of lotions (foot, hand, body, face) and pampering-type stuff. So nice.

Okay. I’ve had my coffee on the patio already, and now I’m going to make a chickpea salad and then a sweet pea salad and some barbecue sauce for baby-back ribs that I plan to slow cook and finish them on the grill tomorrow. We also want to hang some curtains and prints. Then H will work in his garage and I will lie around like a dead sponge and watch something really good on television. That’s the plan, man!

I’ll let you know tomorrow what I’ve checked off that list. I just realized we don’t have a grill. H got rid of our old one and has to buy another one. And he’ll have to assemble it. So I guess that’s on the list for today, too. Whew!