The List and Happy Fourth

by Bella Rum

IMG_9751I love a list, and it feels so good to put a check mark next to each accomplished task for any given day, but many things have gone unchecked lately. Anything remaining automatically rolls over to the next day’s list. We never seem to run out of things to do.

This means one of two things; either we’re slackers of the highest order, or we have high expectations and put too many tasks on our list for any normal person to complete. I prefer to believe the latter.

You know this is leading up to what we completed on yesterday’s list and what was left for today. We did buy a grill, a nice one, at Home Depot. Home Depot should pay for my gas; so much money have I given them in the past couple of months, and so much gas have I burned. Our last grill was $99 and it lasted thirteen years (this one was not $99). Frankly, I think the old one would have chugged along a few more years, but H was tired of it, something about not rolling just right, difficult to move. I don’t know. He made an executive decision to let it go to the lousy grills section in the sky. Personally, I think he used the move as an excuse to get rid of it, which is fine with me. And I must admit, what with all the ladders he climbs and trees he scales and curtains he hangs, the guy deserves a new grill.

Because the grill took so much of our time (H’s time. He had to assemble it.), we did not hang the bedroom curtains or prints. That one seems to continue to get itself pushed to the bottom of the list, but not today. We’re gonna get ‘er done.

I did make the sweet pea salad yesterday and the chickpea salad, and I slow cooked the ribs half of the afternoon. H made the most delicious barbecue sauce for the ribs. We put it in the fridge to rest and marry overnight. The ribs are tender as can be. H will throw them on that beautiful grill and baste them with his barbecue sauce this evening…. if it doesn’t rain, and we’re going over to the farmer’s market for some local corn to go with. The forecast says 60% change of rain. Yep! Don’t they know it’s the Fourth?!?

Yesterday, H saw a little girl going down our street and sticking flags in the ground beside every mailbox. I guess it’s something our dues pay for. A lot of people hang flags in this community. H hasn’t gotten the masonry screws to hang ours yet, but that didn’t stop Porch Pup from celebrating.IMG_9757 I had a difficult night. I woke in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and didn’t feel well. I’ve actually slept better since we moved here. This house is quiet, and so is the neighborhood. I don’t miss the barking dogs next-door, and the guy who loved to sit in his driveway and rev his motorcycle. Except for those two things, that neighborhood was very quiet, too. I have a thing about noise pollution.

Happy Fourth of July weekend to all, and may we all stay safe.