Heart to Heart

by Bella Rum


I’m feeling better this morning. I woke about 2:30 am yesterday. My heart was doing a number: rapid beating and heaviness in the chest. The last time this happened, I went to the ER and visited with them for a few hours (to the tune of $400 out-of-pocket). Eventually everything settled down and I went home. Hopefully I won’t have that abhorrent out-of-pocket expense now that I’m on Medicare and Anthem, but who knows? So far, they can’t get it right. I received a bill and a phone message saying that I’m not covered and must pay the entire amount for my last INR. I’ve given them my new insurance information, my new address, etc, but they did not get it in the system… or something. One more thing to change/correct/follow up on.

My heart mishap lasted longer this time. It’s exhausting. These things seem to happen on holidays. I dressed the porch pup in his Independence Day garb in the morning and snapped a couple of pix for you guys. That simple act almost did me in. I came inside, crashed on the sofa, and took it easy for the rest of the day. I took an  hour-long nap around 2:00 pm and woke feeling better, finally. Everything had calmed down. I still took it easy for the rest of the day, and I feel so much better today. It’s like night and day.

I guess this is going to be a periodic happening. When I was in my twenties, I had a friend, Sarah Baker, in her seventies. She had heart issues. She was witty, irreverent, hilarious and lovely. One day, she canceled some plans that we’d made together. She was having an “episode.” It exhausted her. Now I wonder if she had the same issue. I can’t do anything when this happens. I was young and knew nothing about heart disease or malfunctions back then. Wish I was still ignorant.

H hung the curtains. I had nothing to do with it. I didn’t even stand there and tell him if things were even. They look good.

Last night, he cut up a beautiful local tomato, popped the corn-on-the-cob in the microwave, reheated the already slow-cooked ribs in the oven for a half-hour at 300º, sauced them up and put them under the broiler for five minutes. A rain storm prohibited grilling :(. Everything was to die for. I didn’t eat much, but every bite was delicious. We’ll have leftover ribs for supper tonight. He is not the same helpless man he was a couple of years ago when I had that big to-do for a couple of months. He vowed that he was going to learn to cook and he did. The man knows his way up a ladder, into a tree and around a kitchen. Just say’n.

Yesterday, when I was feeling so poorly, I promised myself to get back on track with my eating habits. I did so well during the move until we physically moved into this house. Then I went crazy with all the painting, organizing, decorating – all things that I love – and got way off track with my diet. It’s time to reel it in, and I plan to do just that… once the ribs are gone. I bought a new and very fancy scale that I haven’t had the nerve to step on yet. I saw it on the View’s “Must Have Monday” segment – a $100+ scale for $28. I’m not an impulse buyer, but I’ve been looking for a new scale.

I don’t know what I’ll do about that corn. It’s beyond delicious. I’m telling you, it’s a transformative experience. I’ll have to work the old 80-20 plan: eat healthfully 80% of the time and enjoy treating yourself 20% of the time. It’s a good way to live long-term. Moderation is golden.

As we were lying in bed last night, we heard the neighbors setting off fireworks in the cul-de-sac. I was glad for the earlier rain storm. There isn’t much on the agenda for today. I’m going to try to change some addresses online. We still have to get the address changed on our drivers’ licenses, a few credit cards, bills, etc. I already changed Amazon. The USPS will continue to deliver our mail to the new address for a year, but we’re long past the 30-day limit for our drivers’ licenses. Can you believe we let that one drop through the cracks? We’ll do it online today. I don’t need to have my car impounded. Do they really do that? Naw. Do they?