Mystery Solved – AC Issues Resolved

by Bella Rum

Robert was supposed to show up between 9:00 am and 11:00 am. At noon, H called the AC company and spoke with Angela. Robert was still on another customer visit, but we were next on the list. Great. An hour later, H called again, and was told that they didn’t know where he was. Robert wasn’t answering his phone.

We eventually learned that he went to our old address. The new owners told him that we didn’t live there anymore. Instead of calling the Angela, he went to his next customer. When he originally made the appointment, H was afraid there would be some confusion, so he reminded them that we had moved and confirmed the new address, but even when you try, stuff still happens.

The new service contract and address were eventually found, and Angela tried to call Robert again. I guess she found him because Robert arrived sometime after 2:00 pm – only three hours late. I was happy that he got here at all. In spite of all the confusion, H said that Robert knew what he was doing. He wasn’t thrilled about going under the house, but he stuck with it until he solved the problem. Go, Robert!!

The relay switch was the culprit. It was stuck. The heat and AC were running simultaneously. Seriously? No wonder the bill was HUGE. And no wonder the house never felt cool enough. He disconnected the heat, and will return with a new relay switch someday…. soon… I hope.  The visit was free, no charge labor, and the part is discounted because we have a maintenance contract. All and all, not bad.

IMG_9761H after crawling under the house. I wonder how his Fitbit gave him credit for that exercise.

When it was all over, H was filthy. H said it was a close fit for Robert under the house. He had a round belly. I would hate that job. I asked H why he went under there. He said because he wanted to “see what it looked like.” This is a good example of how men and women are different. I’m perfectly happy with living my entire life without seeing what it looks like under there. I’m good.

The End