August in the Backyard and Turning Over Another New Leaf

by Bella Rum

IMG_9903This is blooming in my backyard. I thought it might be a variety of viburnum, but I’m not so sure. Can someone help?
IMG_9892I would say that we are still in the hot and sultry dog days of summer, except the sultry part lifted for a couple of days. Yesterday was in the nineties, but the humidity slithered away for awhile. I turned the a/c off in the car, lowered the windows and opened the sunroof as I drove to CVS for H’s prescription and Food Lion for milk. You can do that when it’s in the nineties if the humidity drops. Piece of cake.

The seasons move right along, don’t they? Can it be August already?  That usual late-August smell is already detectable in the backyard, and the sun is shifting to a different angle. I find myself moving my lounge chair around to find that must-have spot of shade. I wonder about what it will look like back there in a couple of months, when the deciduous trees begin their metamorphosis. You know how you look forward to each season the first year that you’re in a new place? Everything is novel and deserves notice.

On to a less cheerful topic. Weight loss rears it’s ugly head once again. Remember when I lost twenty pounds just before we moved. I still can’t believe I did that while preparing to move and during the actual move. I stayed the course until after we moved. Summer arrived and I had visions of eating fresh, low-calorie, vitamin-packed vegetables all summer long. Well, I have, but… We also got on a bbq rib jag, and acquired an eggplant Parmesan obsession and engaged in a Parmesan–garlic-potato binge.

I haven’t gotten on a scale since we moved at the end of May. I bought a very fancy scale that I got for a song at about 75% off, but I did not have the nerve to step on it and assess the damage until a couple of days ago… at H’s urging. I was thrilled. I’ve eaten like someone hellbent on gaining a hundred pounds in two months. I only gained 4 pounds.

After a little inspiration from a couple of bloggers who are also getting back on track, I’ve finally joined, which my doctor recommended a few months ago. I’m tracking my food… every single morsel. That makes a difference. And I’ve been exercising religiously for about a week. I’ve started eating better, and I’ve lost a pound. Go, me!

Here I go again. That eggplant Parmesan was to die for.

Is it really August already?

I’m headed to the patio to drink my coffee. It’s only 68 degrees out there. Gosh!