Bobbles and Perennials and Weight Loss

by Bella Rum

It’s one of those days. It rains gently, then stops, then starts again. In between showers, H is breaking dirt in the backyard. We were at Home Depot for a little bobble to attach to the end of a lamp chain so it could be turned on and off more easily, and a couple of other small items. They had the prettiest perennials. Lots of perennials.IMG_0056You know what seeing perennials does to a new homeowner/gardening fancier. Even though it’s still August, we collapsed under the temptation. H was suddenly ready to get the Mantis out and break the earth for a new bed. Who am I to argue with a man who wants to start a perennial bed for me? What’s sweeter than that? There wasn’t enough sun for perennials in our last yard. I’ve always missed the beautiful bed I had in MD.

No sooner than H put the new perennials in the backyard, the bees and butterflies came a-courting. Gosh, I do love a perennial bed. I’ll be able to see it from the kitchen window.

I’m a little concerned about the black walnut tree on the other side of the fence. The roots of Black Walnut trees produce juglone, and it’s toxic to many plants: tomato, potato, azalea, mountain laurel, rhododendron. Many plants are not affected by juglone. I think I’m good to go with what I chose.

My diet is not going well – lose a pound, gain a pound, lose a pound. I exercise every morning and count every calorie I put in my mouth. It’s disheartening. I changed my goal to 1.5 pounds a week from 1 pound a week. That lowered my caloric intake. So maybe things will get moving. Meanwhile, filed under the category ‘unfair,unfair,unfair; life is monumentally unfair ,’ H lost four pounds. I guess flower-bedding burns the big calories.