Shopping and Mother Nature

by Bella Rum

I was in a terrible mood yesterday morning, fit company for no one. I left the house without eating breakfast. When am I going to learn? Thank goodness for the protein bars I keep in the car. When I remembered them, I scarfed one down, and my mood changed for the better.

We went to the grocery store, the farmer’s market and Bed Bath & Beyond, three places that are spread out across the county. I usually try to plan my shopping trips a little better than that. We bought a couple of good-looking folding chairs with my 20% off coupons. When my son, DIL and the three grands are here, we Β need seven chairs. My table only has six .We sold our dining room furniture before we moved. I never even gave a thought to the seating situation. One unlucky person has to use a lawn chair -usually H or my son – that’s much lower than a regular chair, and leaves them eating their meal chest high to the table. Not a swell situation.

Our hummingbirds provide endless entertainment. We have a bully who thinks the feeder belongs to him. When he’s around, he dive-bombs the less aggressive hummingbirds and chases them away. I think about putting up another feeder, but I think he would only manage to expand his territory. H spied a flying squirrel yesterday. He’s next door at the house that is still unoccupied. We call him Rocky. He’s built a comfy nest in a bluebird house. Speaking of which, we think we have a family of bluebirds. I also think that Rocky might be a girl.

Get ready for TMI. I was sitting on the toilet one morning when a long, hairy, hundred-legged creepy thing came scurrying across the floor toward me at mach speed. I’m not kidding. That thing was practically flying. I started stomping to beat the band. He went right through my feet. It was a nasty centipede. I hate those things. We use more bug spray here. Mother Nature reminds us daily that she will take over again if we aren’t vigilant.

My curtains for the guest room should be ready to pick up from the cleaners today. H will install the curtain rod, and we’ll hang a duck print and it will be finished. The new blinds went up a few days ago. Adding the finishing touches is the fun part. Next on the agenda: the kids’ room.