The Guy Two Doors Down, What I’m Watching These Days, What I’m Dreaming These Days,

by Bella Rum

The Guy Two Doors Down

Pardon me while I pass a little gossip over the back fence. No one is harmed in this exercise. Resemblance to anyone, living or dead, is unintentional… except the guy two doors down.

A young guy lives two doors down. I would say he’s in his early forties. He is gorgeous, and I have a feeling he knows it. I imagine it would be difficult to be that beautiful and not know it. After all, he works very hard at it, not the face; that was god given, but those abs were bought and paid for with sweat and more sweat at the gym. That explains why he always works shirtless in his front yard. What’s the point in doing all that work if there is no one to admire it? If I had abs like that, I would never get dressed, and bless his heart, he shouldn’t either.

His house has been on and off the market since long before we moved here. It’s back on now. It is large and pretty, but not selling. I think he’s asking too much. The granite van was parked in his driveway a few weeks ago, and the hardwood floor van replaced it a week later. I guess he’s upgrading, hoping to hook a buyer. He also has a chicken coop in the backyard, and I’ve seen a few chickens roaming around occasionally.

I think he’s divorced. Maybe the chickens are leftovers from the wife. I’ve never seen a woman there, but a boy in his early teens is there occasionally. He has new red corvette. That’s a sure sign of a recent divorce in a man’s life. The quiet in this exceptionally quiet neighborhood was broken last week with a roar as he drove a new motorcycle up and down the street. The same happened today, but it was a dune buggy this time. He purchases something weekly – a big something. We go through so many stages in our lives. He’s in the bells-&-whistles stage, the midlife crisis stage and the recently divorced stage, all rolled into one. I’m not sure what’s next for him, enlightenment or bankruptcy, but I bet those abs stay put for awhile… until the beer and couch potato stage.

Latest TV Viewing

You know we’re slow on the uptake when it comes to our television viewing. We didn’t even start watching Mad Men until the fourth or fifth season. Then we binge watched it. I love binge watching, but I usually only do it in January or February. There’s plenty of time after the holidays, and it’s cold outside. Our most recent find is Lost. We’re watching one or two episodes a day. This bingeing stuff is dangerous. It has the potential to control the masses. Just give us a family-size bag of Cheetos and a six-season series, and you can drone-smack anyone you want, invade Iran, or nominate a celebrity to run for president. We’ll be busy with more pressing things, like finding who kidnapped Claire and her baby, or if Locke is a brilliant survivalist and all around good guy, or a psycho.

The Dream

I’m not remembering my dreams as often as I used to. Instead of waking H with screams, I wake him laughing. I seldom remember why I’m laughing, but it must be very funny. I do recall a dream from a few nights ago. I dreamed that my DIL was pregnant and delivered a baby boy. I was feeding him a carrot. My DIL’s mother said, “We don’t feed him carrots.” When I asked her what kind of food he should eat, she said, “Cheap food.” Isn’t that silly. Her mother is the sweetest lady, and would never feed a baby cheap food… Well, unless it was very nourishing. 🙂  My DIL breastfed all the kids. I guess that’s the cheapest food ever, and the most nourishing.

The Grand Trio will be here this weekend. Fun and good humor will abound. Count on it!