by Bella Rum

So we’re in the midst of some very nasty weather, and we’re told that it will get worse before it gets better. H is at the store getting bottled water, and a few other things. I don’t think we’ll get much wind, but I’m a believer in being prepared.

H is bent on landscaping the backyard, and I’m not arguing with that. I love what he does with the yard. He does all the heavy lifting, and I do the planning and appreciating. This means we’ve crawled over every nursery in the area the past few days.

It has rained everyday since we returned from vacation, and my friends told me that it started a couple of days before we returned. Yesterday, while looking for shrubs, I thought I would faint. I’ve lived here most of my life,  and we’re accustomed to getting a lot of humidity. Humidity is what we do here, but never in my life have I seen a day as humid as yesterday, not even in July. It felt like a rain forest. If it wasn’t raining, the air was so thick with moisture that it may as well have been. The windows on the stores were so thick with condensation that you couldn’t see through them.

My brother’s business survived the nor’easter. The water rose almost to the door, but it did not go inside the office or where they have the saltwater tanks. No damage, but I’m not sure about this weekend. Joaquin is supposed to give us an awful lot of rain, and they are telling us to expect high tides. All of that rain is supposed to stall above us.

I don’t think we’ll need them, but the Coleman stove is at the ready, and the lantern, percolator, prescriptions and all the other things that you would expect in this kind of event, including ice and a fully fueled car. I really hope we do not lose power, and I don’t believe we will, but better to be prepared for nothing than to be unprepared for something. I’ve learned that a few precautions can make life much more bearable when the power goes out… especially that percolator. It was only a few bucks in the camping department at Wal-Mart.