Catching a Break

by Bella Rum

IMG_0214 Facing Backyard: The ground is too saturated to absorb the water. Isn’t that fence screaming for a rambling sweet autumn clematis?

My sweet autumn at the old house.clematis

When H opened the back door a little while ago, I heard him mutter, “It’s still raining.” That’s the familiar refrain these days. Even though it feels like it’s rained constantly for a month, it’s only been just over a week. The ground is saturated. It can’t take another drop, but take it, it will. We’ll get more rain today and tomorrow. We are not expecting Joaquin to bring extreme winds. He’s on his way out to sea.

It’s been blowing between 30 and 40 mph at my brother’s business for the past couple of days. He should not get hurricane levels, but the water is the problem. It’s already in the parking lot and rising. Over the past couple of days, he moved everything possible to higher ground.

Trump’s rally in Norfolk was cancelled. It’s probably a good thing because they already have water in the streets down there. I guess you’re getting the picture. Flooding is the main hazard with this weather event. I think H and I are going to fare pretty well. We’re further inland. We’ll get more rain but not much wind. Thank goodness.

The ground is so soft from all the rain. Our biggest concern is a large tree at the back corner of the house. After all this rain, you could blow a tree over with the breath it takes to blow out a birthday candle, and with that comes power outages and property damage. If I could only get H to start that ark in the driveway, but he has faith that we won’t reach forty days and forty nights. 

So that’s all the concerns. One of our worst storms over the past few years was not a hurricane, but a nor’easter. Why? Because of the flooding and the lack of preparation. They predicted a small event that would not cause much damage, and most people did not prepare. The flooding was horrible and the damage was widespread. Flooding is becoming a huge problem for the coastal region of our state. The tides are getting higher and higher as each year passes. It’s a challenge for city governments.

So, even though we do not expect much, we’re prepared. Tacos for dinner tonight.