Sleepless – The Brother – The Selfie

by Bella Rum

H is going to play golf this morning, and I plan to do a few things around here. I had a restless night last night. I went to bed around 9:00 and woke around 1:30. That was it. I tossed and turned and could not turn my brain off. I thought of everything from insurance policies to whether the tree we planted yesterday will block our view or will we be able to limb it up far enough to suffice. Shade verses view? Certainly nothing to lose sleep over.

We saw the sun for the first time yesterday afternoon. It was reassuring. I thought it had gone away for good. My brother’s business was flooded. The water has not receded and probably will not for a couple of days. They moved most things to higher ground before the flood, but a couple of the huge refrigerators were standing in water when my nephew made it inside for a look-see. The front wall did not cave in this time. I’m sure it’s much sturdier since they rebuilt it. They will have to clean the mud out and paint, but it could have been worse… and has been in the past. When I talked to him, he had just tried to get to the office, but the water was all the way up the hill so he opted to go to breakfast: two eggs, two biscuits, country ham, hash browns and coffee, and he doesn’t have a weight issue. Of course, I don’t know about that salty ham. Know what I’m saying? But who am I? Not the food police. Right?

We saw a pretty, young girl on the beach on vacation. We watched from our balcony as she posed and posed again and again while taking selfies. It was the funniest thing I’ve seen for a long time. For a good twenty minutes she tossed her hair, put one hand on her waist, positioned her elbow outward, even twisted and cocked her hip in a provocative way (which was not in frame but must have given her the attitude she sought) and snapped. Then she’d slightly change the pose, whip the hair around again, pull it over the shoulder and snap. Snap. Snap. She must have snapped thirty or forty different poses and facial expressions before she got the one she wanted. I’ve never seen anything like it. She was completely oblivious of everything and everyone around her. I’ve never seen such concentration and deep absorption in public. It was fascinating.  I guess that’s why it’s appropriately called a selfie. I wish I could follow her on Instagram. I’m sure it would be entertaining, especially knowing how much work goes into it, how many poses she makes and how many snaps she snaps before she chooses that special one.