Lab Work and The Boob Tube

by Bella Rum

I slept well last night.

I sent H a text yesterday while he was playing golf with my BIL.

Me: Winning? You have tiger blood.

H: Sick tiger blood. He’s beating my a__.

I’m off to get lab work this morning. I’m fasting so I’m going early. The hospital is only 2.8 miles away (yes, H measured it). It makes things so much more convenient. I remember when we first moved back here from Dad’s. Before I changed my doctors, I had to make a one-hour trip for lab work and doctors. This is a breeze. I have an appointment with my PC doc next week, and she likes to get the lab work before the visit. I’m expecting everything to be good.

We are obsessed with Lost. We’ve watched about half of it. It’s been an entertaining summer. Remember when summer television was a wasteland? Netflix has changed all that. And now the new season of Madam Secretary has begun on regular network television, and it’s as good as ever. Remember when good TV was the anomaly, but we’re finding much more quality since my DIL set us up with Netflix and Amazon Prime. I highly recommend it. We are spoiled. Binge watching is the bomb. The story flows nicely when you can watch one episode a day or every other day instead of one a week and sometimes every other week when it’s preempted for some reason.

Sounds like all we’ve done is watch television, but I promise that’s not the case. H is still landscaping the backyard. He’s making a secret garden kind of thing back there. It will take awhile for it all to come together, but it will be private and pretty when he’s finished.

Off to give my blood!!!!