My Brother

by Bella Rum

The pasture was covered with frost this morning, and the horses were wearing their blankets. I can tell that every season is going to be beautiful here. The leaves are falling off the walnut tree and the view is completely revealed. My DIL called this morning. The little one (I’m trying not to call her the baby anymore) was the only one at home. The older ones were at school. We had a little face time, and took the phone outside so she could see the horses or hossies (rhymes with boss-ies) as she calls them. It’s a mutual love thing. When she’s here, they always come over to say hello.

The past two years have been two of the best I’ve had. Of course, there are ups and downs in every phase of life, but I think life likes to cycle, and we should enjoy the good while we have it. We are blind to the future, and that’s a great gift. Who could ever pull their head from under the pillow?

My brother and Donna came to visit yesterday. He’s over the moon for us. He knows how happy we are here. I’ve written about him many times, but I don’t think I could ever convey how tender-hearted he is. He’s more like my mother than any of us girls are.

Remember the seizure he had at his friend’s house? They’ve found that he has Hydrocephalus – cerebrospinal fluid on the brain – better known as water on the brain. The pressure has increased significantly. They are still doing tests, but they’re thinking brain tumor. He will get a lumbar puncture (spinal tap) tomorrow and an MRI on Wednesday. He already had a regular MRI and did well with it, but when they tried to do another  one in which they had to stabilize his head, he panicked. They will medicate him this time. I’m so worried about him. I can’t think of anything else.