A Few Unimportant Things

by Bella Rum

  • Another centipede came scurrying  across the floor toward me when I was on the toilet. I screamed. H came galloping in on his mighty steed and killed it dead. Why do these guys appear when I’m in such a vulnerable state? Will more of them come inside as the weather gets colder, or will they go to sleep in some cozy cubby hole, waiting until spring to terrorize me again?
  • I have a taste for salmon, but after reading a few articles, I stopped eating farm-raised salmon a few years ago. I couldn’t get past the part about the parasites. The industry is trying to improve, but they’ve given me such a disgusting mental image. We don’t get so much wild-caught salmon around here. Many of the Pacific fisheries are well-managed, but they can’t supply enough product nationwide. You guys in the Pacific Northwest are so lucky.
  • Do people still own electric can openers? I thought about this last night when I was using my manual one to open a can of peas. When they started making really nice manual can openers, I gave my electric one to Goodwill. That was over 13 years ago. It’s still like new. I toss it in a drawer, and there’s one less appliance to clutter the countertop. When we were first married and living in an apartment, my next-door neighbor’s electric can opener broke. I loaned her one of those first generation, unimproved, not-fancy-at-all, manual can openers. I remember that I had to show her how to use it. She didn’t have a clue. It was so funny. H still can’t believe that someone didn’t know how to use a manual can opener.
  • Our toilets are running. Remember that prank phone call when we were kids? “Is your refrigerator running? You better catch it.”  Or… “Do you have Prince Albert in a can. You better let him out.” I digress. This house was empty for two years. All of the washers needed to be replaced, and we need to fix the toilets. We’ve been doing the old jiggle-the-handle routine. We just haven’t gotten around to fixing them, but they’re on the list. It’s running every time I go into the guest bathroom.