A Tip, A Trip and Three Dreams

by Bella Rum

IMG_0356Small Lamp Solution

The mornings are cooler and darker now. It doesn’t get light until 7:30. That’s means I’m wandering around for a couple of hours before the sun makes an appearance.

One of the most fun things to do when you live in a development that only builds five or six different models is to see how someone else decorates a house with the same floor plan as yours. When we were in Maryland, we lived in a neighborhood like that. I was at a friend’s house one day. It was a dark and gloomy day in the middle of the winter. She had a small lamp sitting on a bookcase in the corner. That one little lamp chased away all the darkness, and made the house look and feel warm and cozy on a drab, frigid day. I’ve used that tip ever since. The first thing I do in the morning is turn a couple of small lights on, and all the scary things recede. You know they never go away, but small lights keep them at bay. I bet cavemen were ecstatic when they harnessed fire. Nothing like a little fire pit to chase away the cold and gloomy cave shadows.

Our Day Trip
IMG_0343The leaves are changing and there’s color everywhere. It always seems like it happens overnight. H and I drove up to the mountains a few days ago. It was a gorgeous day. We checked out an antique shop that Donna told us about, checked out a couple of small towns and ate. There is so much beauty up there and so few jobs. I always wonder what the people do during the winter, and how those little shops keep their doors open, but the fewer people in an area, the greater the natural beauty. We are such messy creatures.


I’ve dreamed about a girlfriend for three nights in a row. Last night, we were celebrating her birthday. Every course was asparagus. Every single dish had asparagus in it.

Night before last, I had the worst dream. She was dying of a horrible disease. Her skin was breaking and tearing, and we were told that she would eventually bleed to death.

The first dream was the weirdest, yes, weirder than an all-asparagus menu, but at least she was not in pain. I dreamed that she had moved into an adorable, little house. It was two stories: two small bedrooms upstairs and only a tiny living room, dining room and kitchen downstairs. She was having a party. All of our friends were there. She had a red wagon that she pulled behind her everywhere she went, and she was completely naked. She was plump-ish, but very cute. I was appalled that she was naked, but no one else seemed to care. She eventually went upstairs to get dressed, I assumed. When she came down again, she was only wearing pants, no top. Still, no one was bothered by this except me.

Landscaping…. STILL

When I open the backdoor a few inches and look out there, dirt is moving, holes are appearing, huge shrubs are disappearing and mulch is going down. He’s a wild man!! We’re still haunting the nurseries. Yesterday, we bought two more shrubs. He has a total of three left to plant and wants one more for the front yard. It will be beautiful when everything matures.