Left at Halloween and Straight on Till Christmas

by Bella Rum

IMG_0376The Grand Trio couldn’t be here for Halloween, but friends came over last night with their Supergirl granddaughter. They brought a delicious cobbler. While her mommy and aunt took Supergirl trick-or-treating around our neighborhood, we stayed here and ate cobbler and gave out candy. I was surprised that we got so  many kids because this is a small and… um… “mature” community. There aren’t many younger kids here. I guess they came from other neighborhoods.

Thinking that we would get very few kids, I only bought a small bag of candy. H ran up to the store for another bag. I’ll make sure to get a bigger bag next year. I’m glad a lot of kids showed up at our door. I like Halloween and enjoy all the hoopla. There were some very little ones this year (so cute), and only one who was old enough to shave and maybe vote. Some of them don’t know when to quit.

I believe H has finished with the yard for this year. He may have a little more mulch to put down and a trip to the dump with the shrubs that he pulled out of a flowerbed in the backyard, but that’s about it. I don’t believe he can find anything else to improve.

It’s time to start my Christmas shopping. I will try to put a dent in it this week. I like to get all my shopping done before Thanksgiving Day, at least the major stuff. I know they say you get better deals after Thanksgiving, but I’d rather shoot myself with poison darts and die alone in the jungle while colorful birds peck at my remains than shop in those manic crowds after Thanksgiving. I’m not a bargain seeker at Christmas; I’m a sanity seeker. I used to shop the bargains, but that was before all of this super-crazy craziness where people line up on Thanksgiving night to get electronics for 75% off, or some outrageously expensive and coveted toy that advertisers convinced five-year-olds they had to have, but didn’t make enough of them to go around, and now the moms and grandmoms are in a frenzy to get the last one that exist on earth. Not for me. I’m very civilized. My DIL sends me a lovely list, and I either order online or (if I want to) I go to Toys “R” Us early on a weekday and see what I can see. That’s it!!

So my favorite holiday is over, and it’s onward to Thanksgiving. I will thoroughly enjoy Thanksgiving because we’ll go to my brother’s and Donna’s. Anyone who’s visited here for awhile knows that they are excellent cooks. My brother enjoys having family at his house. He just enjoys feeding people in general.  I think it’s the togetherness that it fosters.