by Bella Rum

We are off to west end of town to shop. All the fancy stores are there. We’re getting a Wegmans (what ever happened to the possessive apostrophe?) next summer. There will be no fancy shopping for us today, we’re just going for Toys “R” Us, Marshalls (again, where’s the apostrophe?) and Trader Joe’s (now there’s a guy who knows about apostrophes). Marshalls is one of my faves. I find neat stuff there. Don’t you?

It’s 8:30 am. I have to run. H just got out of the shower, and we want to get an early start. I’ll be back.

It’s now almost 4:00 pm. We made it to West End with vigor and positivity. I think we did okay. We found some things for the kids at Toys “R” Us, but we never made it to Trader Joe’s or Marshalls. I did stop at a craft store and bought wreaths for the front windows. I gave all mine to Goodwill when we moved because we cleaned the attic before we found a house. I had no idea how many I would need in a new house, and they were looking pretty worn anyway. I had umpteen windows on that house, and getting rid of all those wreaths before we moved was imperative. The good news is that I didn’t toss the red ribbons. I only needed four plain, green wreaths at $2.99 each. Can you believe that price. I’ll slap a red bow on them and call it done.

The really good news is that while H was looking for things for my son I stopped by Stein Mart and found several things to wear. I was happier than you can imagine. It’s so hard for me to find clothes that I like.

So that’s about it. I did have a wacky dream last night that we were living in our old house in Maryland. I often dream that I’m living in one of my former houses. Our neighbors sold their house before they bought a new one and moved in with us. They had two sons, about twelve-years-old. Then another neighbor moved in with twins girls. They were toddlers, and they had red hair that came down to their feet. It was big, thick hair and curly. When they walked, it was only an inch off the floor. They were amazingly beautiful but a little scary – like they could start a fire by staring at something or give you a nose bleed by holding your gaze or make you want to jump off the roof or put your hand in the garbage dispo…

Okay. That’s it.