Stores and Hash

by Bella Rum

I’m awake and cannot sleep. So here I am.

Some of you mentioned that you’ve never heard of or gone to a MarshallsStein Mart or Trader Joe’s. I didn’t know from Wegmans until about ten years ago. I read about one on a blog. The author was so excited because one was coming soon to a location near her. Intrigued by her excitement, I found one in Northern Virginia. We were in that neck of the woods for some reason, and I had to stop in and see what the fuss was about. It was a large grocery store with huge variety and specialty items, but expensive. I don’t know if it was expensive because it was near DC or if Wegmans is just pricy. It was an experience, though. One will open here next summer.

Marshalls and Stein Mart are discount –  clothing/household/linens/shoe stores. I usually buy gifts there or household things for us: sheets, pots and pans, gadgets, pillows, etc. I seldom find clothing for me. I usually shop online. It’s so convenient. Do you remember when they first started talking about computers and how every home would have a PC and we would use them to shop, never leaving our homes. Crazy talk!!

Trader Joe’s is a small but cool grocery store. They also sell wine. I want to try their gravy. Jeanie says it’s pretty good. I make good gravy, but I never seem to have enough left over on holidays, or to add to the turkey hash that I make from the leftovers. I tried and tried to make turkey hash like my mother’s, but it didn’t taste anything like it. It really wasn’t worth eating until my brother told me that Mama threw all the leftovers in the pot, not just the turkey. I guess that’s why they call it hash.  Now I put the stuffing, gravy, turkey, and the broth from the giblets in the pot. I add diced potatoes and onions, celery, spices, etc. It’s so good. I guess it’s really turkey soup. We call it hash.