Office Remodel

by Bella Rum

A friend recommended a remodeling guy to close the entrance to the dining room on one side, and put up a wall with a six-foot doorway on the other side so we can have a bona-fide office. Everything is open now, and you can see my mess from every angle, besides we need bookcases, and we need a wall to put them on. We met with Jamie last night. He seems like a nice guy. He took all the measurements. He knows what we want and will email us with an estimate.

IMG_0396We want to close that doorway over there and put bookcases on that wall because it now allows…IMG_0397

everyone to see my mess (baskets of stuff on the floor – messy desk, etc.) from the front door.

Also, if we kept this doorway as an entrance to the office and closed off that huge opening, it would completely and thoroughly… 
block all the light from the window that now flows into the living area.

So that side will be closed but it will have a big, old six-foot door – with or without glass doors. We haven’t decided yet. And we may get a transom window above the door. We’ll decide when we get the estimate. That should give us what we want: a somewhat private office without blocking the light on the one hand or exposing all the clutter on the other. In addition to that, it will provide a wall for built-in bookcases with cabinets at the bottom. We really need the storage. The light fixture will be changed out with a ceiling fan/light. It is the warmest room in the house.

So that’s the scoop on that. I would really like built-in bookcases, but we’ll see what the estimate is on that. If it’s too much, I’ll find some freestanding ones.