Reunions, Suburban Bliss, Painting, Little Birds and a Hope

by Bella Rum

H is at his 50th high school reunion tonight. I’ve never attended mine, but he loves his. He attended a small school. There were only twenty-five people in his graduating class. They’re meeting at an Italian restaurant this time. I’ve gone with him many times, but I opted out tonight. I told him to take pictures. I’m eating Italian, too. I roasted some cherry tomatoes and garlic in a little olive oil. I’m going to pour it over spaghetti. That and a salad will be mighty fine.

The guy came to winterize the irrigation system on Thursday. He told H that the yard was looking great. It was all crab grass when he last saw it in the spring, but  once H aerated and seeded in September, it improved quickly. I am such a suburban girl, my brother likes more land around him and my son prefers urban living. Each to his own, right? I love my brother’s house and the property, but I don’t want to maintain it.

IMG_9451My friend brought lilies of the valley to me the other day. She gave some to me when we moved into our last house, and in a few years they covered a large space at the front door. I like to use them as ground cover. H planted them at the backdoor this time. I may get a few more from her. For something that looks so delicate, they are such hardy plants.

photos taken at our front porch at the old house

IMG_9456I painted the wrought iron rails on the front steps yesterday. They were in bad need it. How long do you think I could survive without painting something? What is it about painting? I would find an excuse to paint a turtle if I had nothing else to attack with a brush. I think I’m a frustrated artist… and that would be because…. I have no artistic talent. Not that kind anyway. So I do what I can.

Two little birds are roosting in our straw woman who sits beside the front door. We can’t be sure because they fly away so fast, but we think they are Carolina wrens. It’s a comfy little shelter for their sleep time. I don’t know what they will do when we take it down. I suspect they will check in to our wreath motel, because they flew out of the fall wreath the other night when I opened the door. I guess I’ll have to leave my Christmas wreath up until it’s time for a spring one.

Terrible, horrible and very bad things are happening in France, in the world. It takes the breath away. My DIL told me last week that she has fears about the world her kids will inherit. I told her they would have a better chance than most, but I have fears, too. They will be so good for this world. My fervent hope is that this world will be good for them, and for all children.