by Bella Rum


I thought I’d posted this, but I guess I hadn’t. The Porch Pup is more of a Garage Pup now. When we moved, the movers put him beside the garage door and there he stayed. I could put him at the front door, but he’s more visible where he is.

H enjoyed his 50th reunion. H grew up in a small town, and they’ve all been together since first grade. They are like family in some respects. My theory is that people who still feel and look good like to go to their reunions. I asked him if people commented on how good he looked. He said, “A few.” I asked, “Men or women?” Ha! Maybe I should have gone with him. :/ Reunions are like that. Everyone takes stock. He came home and told me about everyone: who looked good, who had new grandchildren, who had lost a spouse, who was sick, etc. He ordered lasagna and had a great time.

Oh, I almost forgot. He learned that a guy from his school (not from his class) lives in our community. Someone at the reunion told him that he bought a house here when the neighborhood was being built and never moved. I guess he’s been here since 2000.

My DIL and I texted for a bit last night. She had some hilarious ideas about H going to his reunion alone, and what I should be texting him while he was there. All by myself, I laughed uncontrollably. I probably looked like a mad woman. What a wicked sense of humor that girl has. They were shopping for a sofa, and she sent a photo of The Grand Trio lounging in their individual recliners. I could see the little one working the  remote. Can you imagine shopping with three kids! What a wild, little family they have. There are some live wires there, I tell you. My son was an only child, and he wanted kids. Luckily he married someone who wanted very much to be a mother. See how things work out sometimes.

I don’t know what I’m doing today, but it’s time for H to get out of bed. Those people exhausted him.