Walking and Rainy Days

by Bella Rum

IMG_9636photo from last summer

I am almost finished with my Christmas shopping. I picked up an ornament and a candle for my brother and Donna. Well, the ornament and candle are for her. I’ll get some Spanish redskin peanuts for him. He loves those. It isn’t actually a Christmas present, but I like to take something to them on Thanksgiving. They always have it at their house, and that deserves a gift, for sure.

I’m going to walk as soon as it gets light. I’m trying to get back to doing it outside. I really enjoy walking around the neighborhood, looking at the fall decorations and checking out the front door colors (I still haven’t painted mine), but Christmas shopping, doctor appointments, and other things are preventing my newfound dedication from realizing its potential.

As for diet, I’m not dieting at the moment, but I’m not overeating. I’m wallowing in no-man’s-land, trying to stave off weight gain between now and January 1. Then you’ll probably see a big post about how I’m climbing back on that horse again. There is no winning or losing this battle. It keeps raging.

Wait! I hear something.

I just opened the front door. Guess what? It’s pouring rain. No walking outside this morning. H told me that rain was predicted for today, but I thought it wouldn’t start until later. There will be indoor activities after a grocery store run this morning.

The Grand Trio will be here this weekend. Yippee! It feels like I haven’t seen them for awhile. H bought Crazy 8 at the Dollar Tree. Do you remember that card game? We used to play it when we were kids. The grands like to play games when they come. It’s always good to have them on hand when it rains. Sometimes rainy days are the most fun.