It’s That Time

by Bella Rum

I couldn’t stay awake past 8:30 last night. I woke at 1:30 and now I can’t go back to sleep.

Then I got hungry. I didn’t want to eat a bunch of calories, but my stomach started to roll. I found those tiny Oysterettes in the snack drawer. A few Oystejrettes or a couple of saltines seem to work best. This always happens when my stomach is empty.

When I opened the fridge and saw the venison we had the other night, my stomach revolted. H found it in the freezer, and I thought it was leftover beef stew. I’ve taken to freezing things so I can have an easy meal occasionally. I guess I forgot to label it. I like venison steaks very much, but cannot handle the roast anymore.

Jamie – the remodeling guy – got back to us on the walls for the office. He’ll do it the second week in January. I didn’t want to get into all that during the holidays. It should take three days. Not so bad. I’ll take photos.

I have an appointment with my poke-in-the-eye doctor today. He isn’t going to poke me in the eye this time, and he didn’t last time. On my last visit, he said it was time to stop the treatments, and see if my vision stays the same or begins to deteriorate again. It hasn’t changed since I started the treatments. Now that he stopped the treatments, the hope is that the progression will creep… not leap. Fingers crossed.

I went to our farmer’s market yesterday. It’s always sad this time of year. The jars of jams, pickled corn, asparagus and peaches have dwindled to a few. I scarfed up several blocks of churned butter. I’ll put it in the freezer. I got the last two jars of pickled beets. I grabbed a few tomatoes. Their like will not be seen again until next summer. 😦 I could weep. I also found some local apples for Waldorf salad. Seasons come and go. There’s something special for each time of year. When I was little, I used to say, “I wish it could be Christmas everyday.” My mother used to say, “If Christmas came everyday, it would not be special.” Right she was.