The Grand Visit

by Bella Rum

IMG_0449Those are chocolate Kisses in the plastic bag in the little one’s right hand. She wheedles them out of H. Laboring under the illusion that he’s in control, he parcels them out to her.

We had such fun this weekend. After they left, I texted my DIL that it was a nice visit with those wacky kids. She texted back, “It’s okay. You can call them crazy.” The energy they expend is remarkable. Just watching them is a sport. We both took naps after they left.

Last week, I bought three ready-to-paint ornament kits (a dollar each) with paint included. Each grand painted his or her own. The little one got some help from mama. Then we played Tiddlywinks and Crazy Eight, another couple of dollars well spent. My grandson especially liked the Tiddlywinks. H wants to get marbles for his stocking. Even with all the competition from electronic devices, those kids still love regular games with real people. Thank goodness. Pick-up Sticks is another good one.

It was chilly but sunny on Sunday, so they played outside for awhile. Kids need to go outside everyday, baring hurricane winds or blizzard conditions. You wouldn’t want to lose one of them in a whiteout. If you’re desperate, you could tie a rope around their waists and feed them out the door, inch-by-inch, one-by-one.

As we often do, we had sushi Saturday night. We always work out something else for the older two, but the little one and all the adults love sushi. It’s become tradition, a tradition I love. First of all, I really like sushi; second, I don’t have to cook. It’s win/win all the way. I tell them not to eat sushi anywhere but here. I’m afraid they’ll tire of it. 😦

IMG_0453I got them to sit still long enough for a pic on the front steps. I like to get photos of them on the steps… wherever we live. It’s always a cute shot, and it’s nice for them when they grow up. I wish I’d done it with my son. Notice my freshly painted railing.