Over the River and Through the Woods

by Bella Rum


We will hit the road for my brother’s house in a few hours. I’m hoping that my cousin brings that delectable cranberry bread pudding with the incredible hard sauce for dessert. If not, I hope I can wheedle the recipe out of her; if not, I hope I can get her email address so I can bug the bedoodle (technical term) out of her until she sends it to me.

I just looked at last year’s Thanksgiving post. It reminded me that we left a half hour early and arrived a half hour late.


Yesterday, a reporter reminded travelers to leave early, that the traffic would be horrendous, that Thanksgiving is the most traveled holiday of the year, and that 89% of Americans choose to drive to their destination at Thanksgiving. You may remember my many complaints about I-64. It can be a nightmare on any holiday, in the summer with beach traffic, when it snows, when it rains…. when the sun shines. You get the picture. We’ll leave early.

I’m a little superstitious about listing the things for which I have to be grateful. I’ll just say that my cup is running over with wonderful things this year. It’s been a very good year. With time, I’ve learned that few years are as good as this one has been. I’m ever so grateful for it, and wherever you are and however you celebrate, I hope you and yours have a safe and very happy Thanksgiving.

May the feasting begin!!