The In Between Time

by Bella Rum


Ha! I posted a pic of the sled earlier this morning, but I’d forgotten the skates. Good thing H remembered. Remember how I found them on eBay last year? I just had to have them, but how quickly I forgot them. My old sled looks much better with them. 

Thanksgiving is gone and we’re headed toward the big guy. The wreath is on the front door. The sled is, too. I left all the ribbon and greenery on it last year. H put some garlands of lights around my newly painted railings. We even decorated the tree yesterday. I know. It’s a little early, but there you go. It’s done and it’s pretty, and I won’t get caught with my britches down three days before the kids arrive. I haven’t done the mantel, but I did place a garland across the TV cabinet in front of the TV. It took a while to part the pine needles the precise way that would allow operation of the volume, but it works now and it’s pretty. Pretty matters, but function is essential.

My brother gave us a box of oysters and a pound of jumbo lump crabmeat on Thanksgiving. I made crab imperial last night. It was good, y’all. I wish you’d been here. It was not a slimming meal, I’ll admit, but it was worth it.

If you could travel back across the years, you’d see that most of our bickering has happened in the kitchen, but no longer. Since a few years ago, H’s sudden interest in learning to cook has grown. We are a team now. He’s a different person in the kitchen. He dives right in. Last night, while I made the béchamel sauce, he did the chopping and put all the spices and other ingredients in with the crabmeat. All I had to do was fold it all together, but he’s as likely as not to make the entire meal now. He says he’s going to buy a comfy chair for the kitchen so I can sit like an audience member and admire. 🙂 And admire, I will. I’m not a stupid woman.

Last night, we rode around the neighborhood to check out the Christmas decorations. Some of the houses are decorated, but some are not. It’s early. One house was decorated a week before Thanksgiving. I guess that’s what happens when you’re retired. I decorate early, but I also undecorated early. As soon as the kids leave, it will all come down. I know a lot of people like to leave their decorations up until January, but I’m big on starting the New Year without a single remnant of Christmas.

I’m off to call my brother and tell him about the crab imperial we made with his crabmeat.