Morning Joe and Other Things

by Bella Rum

H roasted oysters yesterday. I made a little cocktail sauce to go with. Yum! That was our lunch. We had leftover crab imperial for dinner, served with roasted asparagus and a slice of French bread. Today, I plan to eat like a person who does not want to gain twenty pounds at one meal. Really, the roasted oysters were not so bad, but that crab imperial!?! It’s all gone now. *sigh of relief* I felt it was my duty to finish it off.

I still haven’t decorated the mantel because I was lazy yesterday. And I went to AC Moore again. Someone has to stop me from going to that store. I only go to craft stores during the holidays. I used to be crafty, but my goodness, crafting is a different thing now. I cannot believe the products available. It looks like tons of fun, but I wouldn’t even know what to do with half of those things. I saw a sign that said “$10 gift card. Buy one get one free.” Really?

I think we’re going to Occoquan this week. We always find time to make an annual trip this time of year. I have a girlfriend who goes with us. It’s become a tradition. It’s a pretty little town that has some nifty shops and a restaurant. Maybe two. They decorate beautifully, and it’s very Christmasy. I’ll take pictures.

Most of the time I don’t buy anything but lunch. It’s the look, touch & feel kind of shopping. I don’t need anymore stuff. I’ve spent the last two years getting rid of stuff. That reminds me. I climbed that horrible fold-down ladder to the attic the other day. It was the first time I’d been up there since we moved. I was surprised. There were more boxes  than I thought. I felt a little stab in the heart, and I told H that we had to weed through some of it. He reminded me that some of it was for the kids’ Christmas and would be gone soon. He said it wasn’t as much as I thought (the man is good). Methinks someone is sick of weeding through stuff and wants to spend some time organizing his garage. He still hasn’t gotten around to hanging that pegboard. I do feel a little guilty. He’s done so much around here: painting, gardening, repairing, hanging pictures, etc. I think January will be his time to mac daddy his garage. January is my time to read and probably paint something. Maybe the kids’ room and the master bath.



I’m so glad it’s Monday, and we’ll get our regular morning viewing, but I must admit that Morning Joe is becoming even more about Joe than ever (if that’s possible). Maybe we needed the holiday break, but I do like his guests and the mixture of political views – both parties are represented. I just wish he’d stop interrupting them. I know I’ve said this before, but if I could only reduce his loquaciousness about 30%, it would be a great show. And what’s up with Mika? She’s never been as talkative as Joe (an impossibility), but she’s become practically mute this past year. I believe she fears confrontation. Not a good trait for the co-host of a political show. She’s become the reader. All she does is read the news, introduce the guests, etc. Unless Joe needles her into taking a stand by revealing something she told him in private, she doesn’t contribute much. When he does that, I get a little uncomfortable on her behalf. Look at me… being so critical. I know, I know, I can change the channel. H may insist soon. There’s still something about it that I cannot resist, but small doses may be in order. Weaning takes time. And then there’s the question of what to replace it with?