Say Something, Mika

by Bella Rum

It’s almost 6:00am and it’s Saturday morning. That can only mean one thing: No Morning Joe. I’m addicted to that show. H has gone ’round the bend with it. That’s a problem because that’s how I begin my day. He goes into the occasional rant. It sends his blood pressure up. It can be amusing, but… I don’t want to have to watch by myself. It’s much more fun with him.

Yesterday, Joe needled Mika until she broke for a commercial. When they returned, she wasn’t on set for at least thirty minutes, and he barely spoke for the entire segment. I’m thinking that she let him have “it” during the break or the producers did or both. I’m betting that twitter blew up. At one point the camera took a long shot, and you could see her empty chair. Awkward. I wish she would speak up… on camera. Maybe a Jerry Springer kind of moment would be cathartic. I’m only trying to help.

I found a new blog – For the Love of a House. For the life of me, I cannot remember how. I’m sure I clicked a link on someone’s blog and then another link on another blog and so on until I landed on it. It’s pure eye candy. If you enjoy antiques, decorating and beautiful-house voyeurism, you’ll love it. It hits all my joy spots. If the author checks her stat counter, she probably thinks she has a stalker. She’d be right.

The other thing. Lately I can’t stop thinking about dogs. I haven’t had a dog since my son was little, but I keep thinking we should get one. I’ve thought about this over the past couple of years, but I’ve recently read several blogs in which dogs play a big part in the authors’ lives. Just the photos are enough to make you drool. Thinking, thinking, thinking…

I’m so suggestible.

Like I read a blog the other day about cleaning your refrigerator. Okay, the post wasn’t about cleaning your refrigerator, but it was mentioned. That’s enough. I rushed in there and cleaned two shelves. I know. Two shelves do not impress. But two shelves in my fridge are clean now. So who’s the accomplished one?

I really have nothing else to say. So I’m going now. Not to watch Morning Joe, but something else. And coffee will be part of the scenario.

Maybe H will decide to wake and join me. The man is a champion sleeper.